DVSA test fee, where applicable, of £115 (weekdays; £141 at weekends, if available)
is in addition to all prices shown below

Training prices are based on a simple formula:

£240 per day (6 hours);        £180 half day (4 hours)
Day of the test is charged as a half day: £180

Set courses offer a reduction as the test day is not usually a full day:

2 day course - £440 (test on second day)
3 day course - £660 (test on third day)       4 day course - £880 (test on fourth day)

Two people training and taking test together can enjoy significant savings. Phone or e-mail for details.

Caravan courses

Please note that the law considers caravans and trailers to be the same thing and license requirements, and therefore training, are conducted on the same courses.

If you need to take the towing test in order to tow a caravan, you will need to undertake one of our trailer towing courses as detailed below on this page, with the relevant prices associated with those courses.

The caravan courses are intended for people who already have B+E entitlement on their license, either as a result of passing the B+E test, or by having passed their car test prior to 1st January 1997. They are intended to provide guidance and help for any aspect of towing a caravan that may be giving trouble or are causing concern. This could be anything from a particular topic such as hitching/un-hitching, reversing, etc, or general towing help if you have never towed before or have recently bought a caravan and don't feel comfortable with towing it.

We try to be as flexible as possible with regard to vehicles and time. And content of the course. It is your time and money so we will do whatever you want - within reason! We can provide a towing vehicle and caravan (towing vehicle may be a van or a 4x4, depending on availability); use your car and our caravan; use our car and your caravan; use your own car and caravan.

Prices are:
  • 3 hours £135 if using your own car;
  • £150 if using our car (we don't charge for using our caravan)
  • 4 hours £170 if using your own car;
  • £190 if using our car.
Different length of courses can be arranged on an individual basis.

All caravan training is individual, we don't do group sessions. However, you are welcome to bring along a family member or friend (or more) to share the training session at no extra cost (it's up to you to sort out between you who pays what!!)

Payment Terms
We are happy to accept payment by BACS, cash or cheque. We would prefer payment to be made prior to course commencing - a 5% discount off training costs is applied if payment is made in full before the start of the training. However, we are aware that many people are wary of paying for goods or services in advance and we are therefore happy to accept card and cash payments at the start of the first day of the training course. We will ask that cheques are paid and cleared in advance (sadly, we have been caught out with unpaid cheques too many times).
We are happy to invoice companies, payable within thirty days.

For further information e-mail at: hywayone@btinternet.com