Automatic Page

Automatic lessons - 30.00 per hour

Not everyone can master a manual car or, come to that, wants to! This does not mean you can't drive - there is an alternative! Ignore all the adverse comments, such as:

"It's not proper driving"
"You haven't got proper control"
"It's lazy"

Whether you are a shade past the glow of youth (it's never too late to learn), have a physical disability, have tried a manual car and just can't manage it, or just can't be bothered with gears, we help get you mobile and pass your test. We have an instructor with over 30 years driving experience and 12 years as a Grade 6 ADI who specialises in teaching automatics. You can be sure of a patient, friendly and understanding welcome. We think you should enjoy learning and make every effort to ensure you do. No matter what your reasons - we can help.

You should be aware that if you pass your test in a car with automatic transmission, you can not drive a manual car without taking a test in a car with manual transmission.

Refresher Courses- 30.00 per hour

Ideal if you have returned to driving after a long break, or need help getting used to driving in different surroundings and situations. No matter how young or old, we can help to get you back on the road.

We work at a pace that suits you, our instructors are all patient and friendly and will never ask you to do anything you are not capable of. Although we will always advise on how much training we think you need, with no test to worry about you dictate how many lessons you want to take.

Transferring from Manual to Automatic - 30.00 per hour

Although driving an automatic is much easier than a manual, the techniques are quite different and it is a good idea to take some professional training before setting out on your own. We will tailor lessons to suit you.

Motorway Driving - 30.00 per hour

Ideal if you have just passed your test, or have been driving a while but have not been brave enough to venture onto the Motorway.

We will help you to drive confidently and safely on these busy, and fast, roads. Topics covered include:
  • joining and leaving motorway
  • planning journeys in advance
  • safe speeds according to circumstances
  • effective observation, anticipation and forward planning
  • signs, signals and road markings
  • lane discipline
  • courtesy to other road users (and tolerance of other people's mistakes)
  • motorway fatigue
  • breakdown procedures
Lessons are tailored to your needs and help you to drive safely and confidently on motorways and dual-carriageways, where a high level of concentration and awareness is vital.

No matter how long you have been driving, if you have not used this type of road before, additional training is the quickest and safest way of gaining the experience necessary to make this kind of travel save and enjoyable.